WikiLeaks Former No. 2: Julian Assange ‘Sought Out’ Israel Shamir

Posted by John Rosenthal

Many questions have been raised about Julian Assange’s and WikiLeaks’s association with the anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist Israel Shamir. Defenders of Assange have suggested, however, that even if Shamir has indeed done “work” for WikiLeaks, it might well have been Shamir that proposed his services. Hence, the association would not imply that Assange was aware of the [...]


Posted by John Rosenthal

A Round-Up of Notable Quotes and Curious Sightings from the Last Two Weeks in Europe. The Savior    Bill Clinton interviewed in the August 10 edition of Le Monde:       Question: The image of the United States has greatly deteriorated in the last few years, particularly in the Muslim world. This fuels terrorism and the fears of a [...]

“Israel Shamir” and the Austrian Left

Posted by Karl Pfeifer

[Originally posted at] [At the close of "The Parallel Universe", I alluded to anti-Semites who allow that The Protocols of the Elders of Zion might be a forgery, but insist that the content is, nonetheless, "true". These are the pioneers of what has become the "fake but accurate" argument. One such is the increasingly [...]