A Sordid Tale: On The Latest “DSK Affair”

Posted by John Rosenthal

Leaked footage from a hotel security camera has revived rumors that former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn was the victim of a “conspiracy” to derail his French presidential aspirations in New York last May, when, on his account, he accepted a Sofitel maid’s generous offer of some quick oral gratification just prior to check-out – and famously found himself arrested and accused of sexual assault a few hours later….But if Strauss-Kahn was indeed the victim of a conspiracy in New York, then, in light of more recent developments in France, it is clear that the greatest beneficiary of this conspiracy will turn out to have been none other than his own Socialist party…

For the details of the latest “DSK affair,” see my new article at The Weekly Standard online here.

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