Dear Julian: The WikiLeaks Tell-All That Doesn’t

Posted by John Rosenthal

Daniel Domscheit-Berg’s Inside WikiLeaks has been billed as a “tell-all” exposé of the supposed “whistleblower” website. Given the darkness in which the history of the site is shrouded, such a volume would be welcome. But Domscheit-Berg’s book in fact tells very little of substance and virtually nothing that is verifiable. Far from providing anything like an exposé, Inside WikiLeaks appears essentially to have been  written for fans of alleged WikiLeaks “founder” Julian Assange. Domscheit-Berg himself comes across as a starry-eyed Assange groupie or even, in the most cloying passages, a forlorn lover…

My review of Inside WikiLeaks was previously only available in the print edition of World Affairs. It is now available online here.

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