Germany’s Old “New” Neo-Nazi Terror

Posted by John Rosenthal

“It seems . . . that we are in fact dealing with a new form of right-wing extremist terrorism,” German interior minister Hans-Peter Friedrich announced last month, following the revelation that a trio of neo-Nazis from Jena had been responsible for the murder of nine “foreigners” in Germany, as well as a police officer. But the only thing new about the case is the fact that it is now​—​no thanks to German authorities​—​finally solved. For years, despite the prima facie evidence, both German authorities and the virtual entirety of the German media refused even to entertain the possibility that the murder series was a matter of racist crime. Only the blundering of the perpetrators themselves revealed the truth.

For the details, including indications that the perpetrators had connections to German domestic intelligence, see my new article in The Weekly Standard, available online here.

(Incidentally, I already wrote about the murder series and its presumptive racist character in a short post in 2006. See my “Clueless in Germany” on Trans-Int here.)

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