Freedom or Islamophobia? Europe’s New “New Right”

Posted by John Rosenthal

The terror attacks in Oslo have focused media attention on Europe’s new “anti-Islamization” right — though the kind of attention is as a rule more suited to reinforcing prejudices than to providing insight. The World Affairs Journal has taken the opportunity to make available online my survey of Europe’s new “new right” parties. The article was written many months before the Oslo attacks. You can read it here.

For what it is worth, the present author has long warned against an ideological current that essentially makes no distinction between Islamic extremists and Muslims as such and whose modus operandi is tantamount to a sort of racism. See, for instance, the introductory paragraph to my 2006 essay “The French Path to Jihad”. The current in question is obviously far more prevalent today than when I first wrote about it and it is also more virulent. The Oslo killer, Anders Behring Breivik, appears to have belonged to this current.

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