Selective WikiLeaks: The Untold Story of Abu Omar

Posted by John Rosenthal

251,287. That’s the number of confidential U.S. diplomatic cables that WikiLeaks claims to have obtained. 1,897. That’s the number of confidential U.S. diplomatic cables that, according to WikiLeaks’s own count, have thus far been published on its website. But whereas WikiLeaks has withheld the documents from the public, five handpicked old media organizations have enjoyed exclusive access to the complete stash.

And not just any five. Taken together, WikiLeaks’s five “media partners” are probably the five print media of reference that have done the most over the last decade to propagate the dismal view of American power and American foreign policy that passes for “leftism” nowadays in both Europe and the United States itself. Their exclusive access to the diplomatic cables has given the fabulous five the opportunity to pick and choose and to spin the content of the documents in accordance with the precepts of the anti-American Weltanschauung. Der Spiegel’s treatment of the story of the Egyptian imam Abu Omar provides a revealing case in point…

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