German Public Broadcasters Promote Newspaper of Controversial Muslim Publisher

Posted by John Rosenthal

Last month, the joint “Media Academy” of Germany’s two public television networks, ARD and ZDF, hosted a three-day seminar in Wiesbaden on the topic of “Islam in the Media and in Society.” As reported in Germany’s Islamische Zeitung, or “Islamic Newspaper,” the final day of the seminar featured presentations by representatives of the Turkish newspaper Zaman and the Islamische Zeitung itself.

The founder and publisher of the Islamische Zeitung is one Abu Bakr Rieger, né Andreas Rieger. Until three years ago, the German convert to Islam was a member of the board of directors of the Islamic Council for the Federal Republic of Germany: one of the official dialogue partners for the German government in the context of the government-sponsored “German Islam Conference.” In October 2007, Rieger was forced to resign from his position in the Islamic Council after video emerged of him seemingly regretting that the Holocaust had not been “thorough” enough.

For the details, see my new article on here.

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