Europe’s New Extreme? Nicolas Sarkozy and the French-EU Roma controversy

Posted by John Rosenthal

The European edition of Newsweek has discovered the face of European extremism. It peers out from the cover of the October 4 issue of the magazine. “Europe’s New Extreme” reads the headline. And the face on the cover is none other than that of French president Nicolas Sarkozy.

What earns Sarkozy the title of extremist in the eyes of Newsweek is, of course, France’s treatment of the so-called Roma – or “gypsies,” as they are commonly known – and, more precisely, the decision to dismantle illegal gypsy encampments and deport their occupants.

But is the French policy the egregious example of racial discrimination – or even indeed persecution – that it has been made out to be? See my new article on here.

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