The Secret History of Climate Alarmism

Posted by John Rosenthal

Changes in the earth’s atmosphere, the additional greenhouse effect and the resultant changes in the climate .  .  . represent a global danger for humanity and the entire biosphere of the earth. If no effective counteracting measures are taken, dramatic consequences are to be expected for all of the earth’s regions.

This warning will undoubtedly seem familiar, perhaps even mind-numbingly so. But if the substance sounds like the same-old same-old, the date on which it was issued might seem surprising. It was not in the run-up to the Copenhagen climate summit or indeed anytime in the last decade. The above passage is nearly two decades old. It comes from a resolution adopted by the German Bundestag in September 1991.

To find out more, see my new article in The Weekly Standard here.

(Note that this article contains some overlap with my “The EU Connection in Climate Research” in Policy Review, which briefly touches upon the “secret history” that is the focus of this piece.)

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