Newsletter Update

Posted by John Rosenthal

Just a brief note on the Trans-Int Newsletter option, now that I am more familiar with Feedblitz, the service I am using to manage the mailings. Subscribers to the newsletter will receive full posts by e-mail whenever I have published a proper article. This usually means a proper article elsewhere, and the e-mail will, of course, include the relevant link. Occasionally, I also post brief “spots” here on Trans-Int: which is to say, small translated excerpts from the European press with a bit of comment. In order to avoid cluttering subscribers’ mailboxes, the latter will not be sent separately. Instead, I will attach them as “extras” to article mailings. In other words, subscribers only receive mail when an article (not just a post) has been published.

For those who so desire, the sign-up form is to the right. Thanks, as always, for your interest.

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