And Some People Thought it was an International Organization

Posted by John Rosenthal

In an interview that appeared in the Monday edition of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ), the prominent German member of the European Parliament, Elmar Brok, expressed his categorical opposition to Turkish membership in the European Union and even suggested that further EU expansion could lead to the Union’s “downfall” [Niedergang]. Asked whether it was “not time for the European Union to define its limits,” Brok replied:

One should not exactly define them, since that would mean closing doors. Rather, we have to define the conditions that need to be fulfilled. An important criterion for membership is the capacity for expansion of the EU. It has to remain capable of action. We know from history that the downfall of great empires began at the moment of their greatest extension…

Brok was a leading member of the EU “constitutional convention,” which drafted much of the treaty formerly known as the “EU Constitution” (now the “Reform” or “Lisbon” treaty). From 1999-2007, he was the chair of the parliament’s Committee on Foreign Affairs.

(Source: „Wir dürfen nicht so weitermarschieren“, FAZ, 14 October 2009; not available online)

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