Wake Up, Dennis Kucinich!

Posted by John Rosenthal

Whereas Barack Obama’s “Yes, We Can!” slogan is obviously rather lame, the Democratic Party leadership may want to think twice before adopting Dennis Kucinich’s impassioned cry of “Wake Up America!” as the new motto for the upcoming election campaign. As so happens, the motto “Wake Up Germany!” or “Deutschland Erwache!” was intimately connected with the Nazi Party and it featured, along with the Swastika, on the banners of various Nazi paramilitary organizations. The German version actually has a somewhat more literary feel — like "Germany Awake!" — but the idea is the same. Here, for instance, a photo of the Führer himself reviewing an SA [Sturmabteilung] unit bearing the “Deutschland Erwache” banner.



(Source: Vernetztes-Gedaechtnis.de)

And here another photo, this one from the 1936 Nuremberg Rally, showing Hitler “dedicating” the new banners of the Nazi motorized formation, the NSKK.


(Source: Randall Bytwerk’s German Propaganda Archive)

And here a veritable sea of “Wake Up Germany” banners at the 1936 Nuremberg Rally.


(Source: Hanisauland Lexicon)


Given its close association with the Nazi Party, German authorities include “Deutschland Erwache!” as one of the mottos of “anti-constitutional organizations” whose use is forbidden under German law. (See, for example, this 2007 brochure published by the German states of Berlin and Brandenburg.)


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