Who Cares About Kosovo (Independence)?

Posted by John Rosenthal

Not France apparently.

The way internal EU politics work, normally one country or a limited group of countries is decisively for a given “project” and the others, if they have no particular reason to be against it, then they are also for – in principle. But to find out which country or countries are truly behind a given project, the best rule of thumb is “follow the money”. The same rule also works in reverse: a lack of funding expresses a lack of interest.

Take, for instance, the project “Kosovo independence”. Last month, a donors conference in Brussels brought pledges of some 1.2 billion euros for Kosovo reconstruction. The EU Commission alone pledged some 500 million euros in assistance. The US pledged half that. And the individual EU countries? According to a little publicized AFP dispatch, Germany pledged 100 million euros; Great Britain, 29 million; Italy, 13 million. And France…, exactly 2.3 – whereby the decimal point only serves to underscore the stinginess of the French contribution.


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