Tragicomedy in the Bavarian Alps (Anti-Nazi Convicted of Using Nazi Symbolism)

Posted by John Rosenthal

This is the cover of a German book titled Reconnaissance and Reeducation: Critical Theory against Postnazism and Islamism. 


The picture on the cover shows Arab Islamists giving a salute that obviously resembles the Nazi or "Hitler" salute. From the book’s subtitle, it is obvious that it is of anti-Nazi and anti-Islamist inspiration. This did not, however, prevent a court in Bavaria from convicting David Goldner, a 28-year-old political science student, of having illegally used Nazi symbolism, because he distributed a leaflet featuring an image of the bookcover.

The Bavarian ruling comes not long after another German court fined another student for violating the same provision of German law because he wore a button bearing the symbol shown here:


For the full story and background, see "Tragicomedy in the Bavarian Alps" on The American Thinker — translated by myself from the excellent German "essay blog" Lizas Welt.


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