A Weltwoche Report on the Taliban

Posted by John Rosenthal

Another out-of-area translation that might be of interest. Late last year, Urs Gehriger of the Swiss weekly Die Weltwoche and his Afghan colleague Sami Yousafzai were kidnapped and then released by Taliban forces. Their lengthy report not only makes for gripping reading, it also provides an interesting — and troubling — overview of the current balance of forces in Afghanistan.


The NATO troops and the Taliban share "the same fate", according to Gehriger and Yousafzai: "they are both too strong to lose, but too weak to win." But the authors ominously cite the Taliban official Mullah Sabir, who:

believes that time is on his side: "The West has the better weapons, but we can hold our breath longer." He is convinced that the Taliban’s terror will grind down the West. At some point, the pressure will be too much for people in the West: then the unholy invaders will withdraw. "That day," Mullah Sabir says, "will be the day of our triumph."

For Gehriger’s and Yousafzai’s whole report, "Kidnapped by the Taliban" — translated by myself — see here on World Politics Watch.


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