The Greater Threat (Le Figaro on American Capital and Islamist Terror)

Posted by John Rosenthal

Here an image of the first page of Le Figaro today.



Note the large headline in the middle of the page. It reads: "The Americans attack the European Stock Exchanges". Referring to the planned fusion between the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and the European exchange, Euronext — here interpreted as a "seizure of control" [mainmise] of the latter by the former — the final paragraph of the accompanying text reads:

This American seizure of control is worrying. In an interview with Le Figaro, Henri Lachmann, who is writing a report on the subject for major French corporations, demands that the process of rapprochement between Euronext and the NYSE be stopped.

And note the much smaller headline just underneath the graph. It reads as follows: "Algerian Islamist Threat Against France".


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