Is Khaled Al-Masri Lying?

Posted by John Rosenthal

Rumor has it that Democrats are eager to use their newly acquired power in Congress to “investigate” a variety of “uninvestigated scandals” linked to the Bush Administration: among them the use of “CIA secret prisons” in the conduct of the war with Islamic terror organizations. If they do in fact open in inquiry into this latter subject, one can expect the case of Khaled Al-Masri to take center stage — as it has in investigations of the “secret prisons”/”renditions” “scandal” conducted by the Council of Europe and the EU Parliament. In my new article on WorldPoliticsWatch, I suggest some questions that American lawmakers — unlike their European counterparts — might want to ask about Masri’s famous, but in at least one crucial respect highly implausible story. To read “The CIA Rendition Controversy: Is Khaled Al-Masri Lying?”, click here.

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