The Road to Condemning Guantanamo

Posted by John Rosenthal

What is the source of the European zeal to have the American detention center in Guantanamo Bay shut down? Perhaps no one has been more zealous in the matter than Manfred Nowak, the Austrian professor and UN Human Rights “expert” who has famously accused the US of practicing torture at Guantanamo. A look at the curious career of the teacher whom Nowak has said “inspired” his judgment on Guantanamo suggests that something other than humanitarianism and respect for international law might be involved. 

Far from being a defender of the post-WWII European and international orders, Felix Ermacora played a prominent role in revisionist circles in Austria and Germany—”revisionist,” among other things, in the sense that they regarded significant aspects of the postwar settlements as unjust to Germany and Germans and that they aimed to overturn them. The connections of these circles to the Third Reich, in both personal-biographical and ideological terms, have been extensively documented in German.

The above citation comes from my new essay “The Road to Condemning Guantanamo” in the Claremont Review of Books. For much more, see here.

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