It Was Mean to Kill Nazis (Der Spiegel and the Nuremberg Tribunal)

Posted by John Rosenthal

Below the cover of last week’s edition of the German weekly der Spiegel, published on the 60th anniversary of the conclusion of the first Nuremberg Trial.  

 The German media and German politicians like to cite the Nuremberg Tribunal as precedent for their own pet projects in international criminal justice such as the International Criminal Court (ICC). (On the decisive role of Germany in shaping the ICC, see here.) Indeed, the content of the Spiegel issue also attempts to presents Nuremberg in this light. But how do the Spiegel editors in fact view the Nuremberg Tribunal? The headline on the Spiegel cover – especially in combination with the menacing noose in the lower left hand corner – speaks volumes: “The Tribunal of Death”.

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