A Parisian Comes Home (from Iraq)

Posted by John Rosenthal

The following extracts translated from an article in yesterday’s (28 June) Le Figaro on the Parisian Mohammed E., who returned home to France this week from Iraq via Syria.

With his 23 years, Mohammed E., who was deported yesterday from Syria to France and taken into custody by the DST [the French Domestic intelligence service], is already a veteran of the Iraqi Jihad. A Franco-Tunisian, he lost an eye and the lower part of one arm in combat. The Paris resident was part of the Buttes-Chaumont group [named for the Buttes-Chaumont neighborhood in Paris's 19th arrondissement]: a group of young radicals, some of whom have died in Iraq, whereas others were arrested by the DST in Paris in January 2005.



[In 2004] The Parisian arrived in Iraq to join the ranks of the foreign jihadists battling the American troops: notably, in the region of Fallujah.



Of the handful [sic.: poignée] of the volunteers from the 19th arrondissement, three died in Iraq and two are awaiting trial by local authorities.


That is, apparently, apart from Mohammed E. and the others who are being held by French authorities. The total population of Paris’s 19th arrondissement, from which this "handful" of volunteers for jihad came, was listed as 172,730 in the 1999 French census.

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