A German “Educator”

Posted by John Rosenthal

The European militant group "Campo Antiimperialista" first came to broad public attention in the US in June of last year when it was reported that it was raising money for the terrorist "resistance" in Iraq. The "Campo’s" public fund-raising campaign "10 Euro for the Iraqi Resistance" had already been common knowledge in Europe since late 2003. (See, for instance, this December 2003 post from Medienkritik, which includes images of publicity materials for the campaign.) Now it has come to light that the "Campo’s" German-language website features numerous contributions from one Ludwig Watzal, an important official of Germany’s Federal Bureau for Political Education (BpB). (Regular Trans-Int readers will recall the BpB from its glossy 24-page broschure shilling for Hany Abu-Assad’s suicide-bomber movie "Paradise Now", which Matthias Küntzel discussed in his "Suicide Bombing ‘for a Higher ideal’".)

As I put it in a new article on TCSDaily, taken together Watzal’s contributions to the "Antiimperialista" site "provide a veritable phantasmagoria of the idées fixes of the contemporary anti-American, anti-Zionist — supposedly ‘anti-Globalization’ — ‘Left’." To read more, click here.

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