Do the Jyllands-Posten Cartoons resemble “Nazi Cartoons”? Judge For Yourself

Posted by John Rosenthal

Professing understanding for the outraged reactions in the Arab world and among some Muslims in the West, numerous commentators have compared the Jyllands-Posten Muhammad cartoons to anti-Semitic cartoons from Nazi-era Germany. As I discussed in my “Freedom, But…”, even the US State Department described the Jyllands-Posten cartoons as “unacceptable incitation to hatred”, and both Presidents Bush and Chirac, in surprising harmony, have advised that the press should not publish materials that “hurt the sensibilities of others”.

Below are twelve sets of three cartoons: each set comprising, firstly, one of the Jyllands-Posten cartoons; then, a Nazi-era cartoon from Julius Streicher’s infamous anti-Semitic publication Der Stürmer; and, finally, for good measure, a recent cartoon from France’s newspaper of reference, Le Monde. (The latter are by one or the other of Le Monde’s star cartoonists “Plantu” or “Serguei”. The signatures are visible. Incidentally, the creator of the Stürmer cartoons also went by a single pen-name: “Fips”.)

Judge for yourselves which of the cartoons are most apt to incite hatred and which of the other two series – the cartoons from Jyllands-Posten or those from Le Monde – most resemble the Nazi-era cartoons from Der Stürmer.

Note, incidentally, the use of German words for “incitement” – Hetzerei and Verhetzung – in the Stürmer cartoons in sets #5 and #8. The Stürmer frequently accused the “global Jewish press” of “incitement”: namely, against Germans and Germany.  



The New Muse (1929)

“Culture out! The Unnatural Whore in!”


“Whash an Eco-Shystem?”



Sucked Dry (1930)

(On the Spider, “Tricky Jews” [Kipperjuden]. “Kipper” refers literally to the “cutting” of coins or, in other words, the falsification of the value of currency.)





The Worm (1931)

“Whereever there’s something rotten, the Jew is the cause”





The End of Warmongering (1933)

“The Jew is who will have to die, as soon as the first round is fired from the canons of incited nations”


“As the bearded Al-Qaeda guys say so well, from time to time one has to know how to massacre civilians.”


(The Germans’ Struggle for Freedom Against the World-Satan) (1933)

[subtitle above illustration on original cover page]

“You cannot stop the eagle that flies high toward the sun, you pitiful and cowardly worms that crawl in the dark” (On the “worms”: “lies”, “incitement”, “incitement to war”, “incitement in the press”, etc.; on the sun: “honor”) 


The Snakes in the Grass (couleuvres)

(a play on the word couleurs – as in the colors of the flag)

“We jusht made a few consheshions!….”

“That’s for shure!…”


You Should Devour the Peoples of the Earth (1933)

“Nice, but the teeth are already giving way” (“You Should Devour the Peoples of the Earth” was a motto frequently associated in the pages of Der Stuermer with Jews.)






Victims of Jews (1934)

(This reproduction from a 1976 English-language translation of a 1934 Stuermer “special edition” on Jewish “ritual murder”*)




The Jewish God of War (1934)

“He does not bear any sword with which to fight battles, For his weapons are vulgarity, deception and lies.” (In the torch’s flame: “incitement”, “defamation”; in the syringe: “poison”; on the background: “freemasonry”)


“Good!… Well… I’m going! Heh! I’m talking to you!”

“Shush! I’m Praying!” 


Europe Before the Slaughter (1934)

“Not the Peoples, but the Jew wants war; The peoples bleed so that the Jew may triumph.” (On the books: “desecration”, “racial mixing” [literally, "de-racialization"], “Bolshevism”, “Dividends”, “War Profits”, “Jewish Rule”)


Bush Wars

Starring: Humanity 

“Forget about it, Germaine. In a year’s time, it’ll be on tv for sure!”



Sonny Boy Roosevelt (1939)

“Roosevelt, the smart boy, Protects the Jews…” (On the sign carried by the figure in the background: “Hunger, Poverty, Unemployment, Misery and Need in USA”)


“Tell those kids to stop the violence!”



The Wild Rider (1939)

(On the horse: “US [Foreign] Policy”)


“Please!… If you could just avoid sending us to Guantanamo!…”



The Representatives of Jewish Capital (1939)



 *See Randall Bytwerk, Julius Streicher (New York : Stein and Day, 1983).

 (Note: a big hat-tip to ¡No Pasarán! and Erik Svane’s Le Monde Watch for having documented and archived several of the Le Monde cartoons reproduced above. And special thanks to Erik for bringing “The Snakes in the Grass” to my attention and other helpful suggestions. For an extended discussion of some of the earlier (2001) Le Monde cartoons, see my “Legend of the Squandered Sympathy”.)

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