Susanne d’Arc

Posted by John Rosenthal

The troubling indications, as discussed in my “Susanne and the Baathists”, that Susanne Osthoff may have participated in her own kidnapping in order to aid the Baathist “resistance” in Iraq are apparently not so troubling for everyone in Germany. Consider the following photo-montage from the weekend edition of the Sueddeutsche Zeitung.  

Susanne Osthoff as Jeanne d’Arc, leading the Iraqi nation (note the Iraqi national flag in the background) in its heroic struggle against the “Anglo-Saxon” invaders. Lest it be imagined that the montage is intended ironically, let it be noted that the accompanying article provides a thoroughly positive picture of the “militant lady from Glonn”. It is ostensibly “about” how German women – as opposed to men – are supposed to sympathize or even identify with Ms. Osthoff. Probably, they admire her burqas….

Some background: The Sueddeutsche Zeitung, Germany’s largest circulation broadsheet, is the daily paper of reference in Germany for the Social Democratic Party establishment and its party base. Like Le Monde in France, La Repubblica in Italy, and El Pais in Spain, it is part of a partnership with the New York Times. The weekly supplement of articles from the Times that it publishes undoubtedly makes an important contribution to shaping its public’s – hardly flattering – image of America. For an earlier Trans-Int encounter with a Sueddeutsche photo montage, see “Südeutscher ‘Humor’” from the old site.

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