The Courrier’s Naked Ape

Posted by John Rosenthal

The Courrier International is a weekly compilation of articles from the international press brought into French and published by the Groupe Le Monde, best known for its flagship daily. Here is the charming depiction of George W. Bush that graces the cover of the current edition of the Courrier.


Apart from the conspicuous fact that Bush’s body is half eaten away, note especially the simian posture with the knuckles dragging on the ground. Among the Parisian intellectuals who constitute the principal market for the Courrier, as they do for Le Monde, such a representation of the American President is apparently supposed to be a mark of sophistication. The title to the left of the image reads "Bush laid bare" – a pronouncement that the cartoonist delicately interprets as having his flesh eaten away to the bone – and the subtitle reads: "Why Americans No Longer Have Confidence in Him". On the inside [link in French], this becomes "Why the Americans reject their President" and under the heading "The End of a Deception", the editors explain further: "numerous lies, political setbacks: the failings of the government is finally becoming apparent to the majority of Americans".

Yes, that’s right: "the majority of Americans" has finally seen the light and come around to the French point of view. And it helps that this supposed fact has been established – also as far as much of the American media is concerned – by the likes of the French polling firm Ipsos: a firm that, as I have shown
here, does not hesitate to pronounce upon the mindset of the "majority" of Americans while using samples consisting of 51% Democrats and 40% Republicans.

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