Weekend Policy and Pitch

Posted by John Rosenthal

The Trans-Int Blog rests on the weekend – but if you’re looking for some weekend reading, why not check out the inaugural issue of the Trans-Int Quarterly on "Europe, Radical Islam and the Middle East Conflict". For just $5 (euros, pounds and other major currencies converted automatically), you’ll have access to in-depth reports and analyses the likes of which you will find nowhere else in the English language, including:

  •  Paul Landau’s reconstruction of Tariq Ramadan’s jihadi "reformism" – documented with numerous citations from Ramadan texts that are unavailable in English;
  • Thomas von der Osten-Sacken’s and Thomas Uwer’s exposé of the "dialogue" between the German and European "Left" and radical Islamist organizations – including, notably, Hizbullah;
  • and my own detailed analysis of the official French statistics on anti-Semitism and "Islamophobia", providing the whole story of these statistics and not the highly partial and misleading story that has hitherto come out in the English-language media.

By purchasing the Quarterly, you will also, incidentally, be supporting Transatlantic Intelligencer.  You cannot wear the Quarterly, nor drink your coffee from it; but you can read it, and we’re confident that you will be glad you did. 

See here for the full table of contents, purchase options and free samples.

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