Gerhard Says: “Don’t Give In!”

Posted by John Rosenthal

Two weeks after the German general elections and two days after the by-election in Dresden that gave another seat in the Bundestag to the CDU and thus increased the CDU/CSU edge over the SPD to 226-222, Gerhard Schröder has yet to concede the Chancellorship to Angela Merkel. "Don’t give in to the claim to power of the other side!" Schröder shouted to a raucous crowd at SPD party headquarters in Berlin on the night of the election. What Schröder called the "claim to power" [Machtanspruch] of the CDU/CSU is based on the rules of German democracy, according to which the party with the greatest number of seats in the Bundestag has first shot at forming a working majority. "Don’t give in!" Schröder shouted again to the appreciative crowd.

(Note: the election night scene, which followed Schröder’s megalomaniacal appearance on German public television about which I wrote in this earlier post, is described in this article from the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung [link in German].)

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