Megalomania: Frank Schirrmacher on Gerhard Schröder

Posted by John Rosenthal

Frank Schirrmacher, editor of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, writes the following in today’s paper on Gerhard Schröder’s bizarre and disturbing post-election performance on German public television Sunday night.

 An uncomprehending nation was made to feel for the first time what it could be like when someone wants to put democratic rules out of action. …Schröder…played the role of the charismatic leader, who can build on an approbation that is supposed to be higher, more substantial than the election result itself.  This authoritarian exaggeration of his own role and mission – the fact that he praised himself for his own courage also forms part of this fantasy self-image – drew upon the very opinion-poll driven and intuitive approach for which he criticizes the journalistic profession.

The rabid, downright brutal megalomania with which Schröder assaulted not only the moderators, but the German public itself, is incomprehensible apart from the feeling of omnipotence that his ability to dissolve the Bundestag and call new elections has evidently triggered.

(Danke MK!)

Note: Click on above image to view video from ARD. The rudeness of the supposedly suave "media Chancellor" will be abundantly evident even to those who do not understand German.

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