Out of Area: Iraqi Kurdistan Gives Back

Posted by John Rosenthal

In the first issue of the Trans-Int Quarterly, we will be publishing an important contribution on European "dialogue" with Islamists by the German journalists Thomas von der Osten-Sacken and Thomas Uwer, both of whom have long experience as aid workers in Iraq.  Thomas von der Osten-Sacken has sent me an appeal for solidarity with the victims of Katrina made by two groups from Iraqi Kurdistan and which he thought might be of interest to American readers.  I gladly reproduce it here:

Call for Solidarity and Assistance to the Victims of Katrina in the United States of America

To the Citizens of Iraqi-Kurdistan and Iraq

With sympathy and great sorrow, we have watched the reports on the devastation of the city of New Orleans by the hurricane Katrina. As Iraqi and Kurds we wish to express our solidarity with all the victims and their beloved ones.

So far, we have benefited from the support of many brave people in America for our struggle for freedom, democracy and progress.  We will never forget that Saddam Hussein’s brutal dictatorship would not have been toppled in 2003, without the devotion of the American people and their government. To our regret, almost daily American soldiers are killed by terrorist in Iraq. We also remember that the billions of dollars spent for the reconstruction of Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan are the taxes paid by American citizens. As Kurds and Iraqis we know to well what it means to loose one’s home and become a refugee.

Now we can show our solidarity with those who supported us in 2003 when we needed assistance. Therefore, we are calling all Kurds and other Iraqis to donate for the victims of the natural disaster that hit the South of the USA.

Our country is now impoverished after decades of dictatorship and war and thus unable to contribute as much as its natural wealth could allow. Thus we can not give, what we would like to, but we are able to contribute, every one of us.

We are appealing to all Citizens of Iraqi-Kurdistan and Iraq and the Civil Society Organizations and Charities to participate in this collection. The collected donations will be sent as soon as possible together with a letter of support and solidarity to the American Red Cross.

Therefore we got a license (Number 2735 from September 4th 2005 ) from the Local Authorities to conduct this collection.

Development and Human Rights Democracy Center (DHRD), Suleymaniah

The members of WADI in Iraqi-Kurdistan.

 Sulaimanyah, Kurdistan, Iraq, September 4th 2005


Sarwar Ali Jafar for DHRD

Falah Muradkhin for the Members of WADI in Iraqi-Kurdistan


Email: mesoptamiahelps@yahoo.com

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