Welcome to the New Transatlantic Intelligencer

Posted by John Rosenthal

Welcome to the new Transatlantic Intelligencer, currently under construction. The new Transatlantic Intelligencer is the successor to the Transatlantic Intelligencer or "trans-int" blog. The new site will, of course, still include the blog and the more-or-less real time coverage and analysis of European and Transatlantic developments for which it has become known. But it will also include some new elements: starting with a quarterly Transatlantic Intelligencer magazine featuring substantial contributions from some of the most knowledgeable – and critical – European observers of European affairs: authors whom I have frequently cited on the Trans-Int blog, but whose work has hitherto only rarely, if at all, been made available in English.

The inaugural issue of the Transatlantic Intelligencer Quarterly will appear in early September and will be devoted to the topic "Europe, Radical Islam, and the Middle East Conflict". A partial preview of the contents is available on the site homepage here.

Over the course of September, we will also be rolling out the third component of the site. Under the heading "(Not) in The News", Trans-Int will be providing full translations from the European press on important European stories that are being missed or ignored by the established English language media. These will not be edited machine translations, but "hand-made" professional quality translations on which you can rely.

Blogging will remain light for the rest of August as we continue to build the site and prepare the launch of the quarterly. But I’ve posted a first edition of "Spots (Notable Quotes and Curious Occurences from the Last Two Weeks in Europe)" and I will post a second set of "Spots" in one week – at which time I also hope to provide a precise launch date for the Quarterly.

So, in the meanwhile, check out the "Spots", have a look around, and if you have any suggestions by all means drop us a line at:


Many thanks for your interest in Trans-Int.

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