Posted by John Rosenthal

A reader has taken issue with my passing reference in yesterday’s post on "German Normality and Hamas" to the German "werewolves", i.e. the diehard Nazi loyalists that continued to "resist" the Allied occupation forces even after the formal capitulation of Nazi Germany in May 1945. The German term "Wehrwolf" – not the traditional "Werwolf" of legend – is in fact a play on the German verb "[sich zu] wehren", meaning "to resist". Given the role played by allusions to the "werewolves" – and outright denials of their existence – in recent debates concerning post-war reconstruction and "resistance to occupation" in Iraq, my response might be of interest. It is here.
I am afraid – despite some interesting developments concerning the market for French hostages in Iraq – that is all I have time for today. Check back tomorrow for more…

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