IRIS [the French "Institute for International and Strategic Relations"] on “ZOG”

Posted by John Rosenthal

[Originally posted at] Discussing Matthias Küntzel’s treatment of the Böckler Foundation controversy in “Looking Behind the Scenes of German Holocaust ‘Remembrance’”, I cited the query of one “M.”, a Böckler Foundation doctoral fellow convinced that the Iraq War was the product of Zionist control of the American government and who was looking for some [...]

“Israel Shamir” and the Austrian Left

Posted by Karl Pfeifer

[Originally posted at] [At the close of "The Parallel Universe", I alluded to anti-Semites who allow that The Protocols of the Elders of Zion might be a forgery, but insist that the content is, nonetheless, "true". These are the pioneers of what has become the "fake but accurate" argument. One such is the increasingly [...]

Lamy Calling?

Posted by John Rosenthal

 [Originally posted at] If the rumors reported in this article by Alan Oxley from TCS are correct, Pascal Lamy could be announced as the next Director General of the WTO by later today. An article in this morning’s Le Figaro [link in French] suggests the same, noting that India, which hitherto insisted that the [...]

Lamy’s Got a Friend

Posted by John Rosenthal

[Originally posted at] “José Bové Has Pleaded his Cause in Brussels” read the headline in the August 14, 2001 issue of Le Figaro. Below it, a photograph of an apparently historic handshake – one sees as well a cameraman recording the moment – between two smiling European notables.     click on image for a [...]